Panasonic DC-BGH1
Panasonic DC-BGH1

We finally have full images and specs of the BGH1 and can talk about it a bit more about this camera. In short it is the Panasonic GH5s in a Z CAM like Cinema camera body with minor improvements, but with extra ports. It be the same sensor of the GH5s with Dual Native ISO. While inside GH5s it can already record 4k 60p, but does this in 8bit 420, the improvement on the BGH1 is that it can record 4k 60p at 10bit 420 in h265 and have the ability of external recording RAW over the HDMI, while GH5s only able do 4k 60p 10bit 422 over the HDMI.

 Panasonic DC-BGH1 front view
Panasonic DC-BGH1 front view

Looking at the images lets start from the front, we have one power button with a tiny tally light and 3 function buttons. The M4/3 mount has been strengthened with using 6 mounting screws compared to the normal M43 mount which uses 4 screws.

Panasonic DC-BGH1 top view
Panasonic DC-BGH1 Top View

On the top we see most of the buttons to navigate through the menu, very noticeable it see very left side orientated layout having record button and menu scroll button on the left side of the camera. This might be done so its better for shoulder rig users, but for handheld simple setups, this switch around might be more annoying. I bet most users would change FN1 to be the record button quite quick on this camera.

Very big appeal of this camera is the hot shoe mount which is missing on the BMPCC4k and ZCAM, however not because you can mount microphone on the hotshoe, but enable to use Panasonic XLR adapter unit to have a proper large XLR port on the camera for audio. However with it attached its gonna become quite a tall camera especially if you would want to add a top grip and external recorder for RAW.

Panasonic DC-BGH1 Back View
Panasonic DC-BGH1 Back View

On the back we see most of the ports of the camera and unsure if the rubber covers are just entirely removeable or they dangle on the camera. Starting top left we have the Mic and headphone jack, under it the lan or network port for streaming. Middle we have the big battery plate and am quite sure there be adapters for this to V-Mount, similar to the yinchem adapter I got here on my Z CAM E2.

Panasonic DC-BGH1 back
Panasonic DC-BGH1 Back View of Ports

Top Right we have the SDI port however on the spec list it only have 1080p coming out and no 4k. Then we have timecode and gen lock ports under it. Then the USB Type C and a full size HDMI. On the side we have the Double SD card, remote and DC port. It having SD ofcourse make it possible to still use affordable SD card instead of overly expensive CFast, but still due to that also limit the camera not to have internal raw like other brands.

Panasonic BGH1
Panasonic DC-BGH1

Eventhough there is no screen on this camera the camera controls also seem quite odd, but we might be able to aspect that Atomos Ninja V would include camera controls like with the Z CAM E2. But for sure should be able to control it with Portkeys BM5 monitor if the remote protocal is the same as the GH5.

Price of the the BGH1 will be just under 2000 usd. The appeal be more for filmmakers who want to have professional ports that are missing on the ZCAM or BMPCC4k or on the GH5 series. However for I doubt GH5 users would be willing to give up the compact camera body design of the GH5 for the BGH1 as you can easily film with the GH5 without needing to use an external monitor.

What are your thoughts about the BGH1, would you want to spend 2000usd on it or if not, what would you rather buy for 2000usd?

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Panasonic DC-BGH1 images and specs

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