Six friends, three couples, join together for a karaoke party, but they find themselves in the midst of a horrifying game when they get an unexpected party crasher in the form of Death himself… well, one Death’s agents anyway (dying is a bureaucratic nightmare sometimes).

Team of Shadows’ entry into the 48 Hour Film Project Hong Kong 2012.

Isabel Marden – Big Boss
Harry Oram – Death
Angie Palmer – Samantha Cho
Sandy Sydney – Sam Cho
Carrie So – Sky
Flora Cheung – Diva
Saffron M Chan – Elizabeth
Jae Leung – Pat

A film by Joe Fiorello Produced by Angie Palmer
Written by Harry Oram, Isabel Marden, & Joe Fiorello

Director of Photography Chung Dha Lam
Cameraman Simon Lok

Edited by Miklos Selva, Harry Oram, & Joe Fiorello
Assistant Director – Harry Oram
2nd Assistant Director – Isabel Marden
Boom Operator – Harry Du Young
Key Grip – Harry Du Young
Makeup – Max Lam
Music by Chris Ho & Jae Leung
Props & Costumes – Gunawan Zerenie, Jodie Li, & Angie Palmer

Associate Producer – Harry Oram
Production Assistants Jodie Li, Adrian Leung
Set Photographer: Adrian Leung
Additional Story Elements: Saffron M Chan, Jae Leung, Angie Palmer, Sandy Sydney

Special thanks to Knight on Wyndham Beautifood Pizza Express The Flying Pan Michael Wu Jonathan Lee Mark Sin Carine Kiala Sagat Cheung

Production note: OK, it’s a a little rough around the edges, but hey, doing an ensemble cast movie in 48 hours is tricky business and we got it done yo! Enjoy 🙂

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