SJCAM SJ4000 original vs Knock off HD DV Sports

Been testing SJCAM SJ4000 original vs Knock off HD DV Sports, as online seen some test, but overal was hard to see as allot scaled down the footage. Instead of proper split screen test, to see the actual footage as a whole, plus allot of the test are people driving around and not really proper filming with them.DSC09959
First think to know is which is the fake and which is the real and its quite easy as the SJCAM will have the logo on the camera its self and on the packaging. The knock off have nothing written that its an SJCAM nor anything about SJ4000, but sellers will write that its a SJ4000.

But overal I would not suggest the knock off version because:
– 1080p is not 1080p but 720p upscaled
– 60fps is 30fps with doubled the frames instead of real seperate frames.
– Image quality is really bad
– Housing and accessories are not well made

SJCAM just a better camera just because its have proper 1080p with a much better image quality by using the HDR function to get proper colors. However both have one major con for certain use especially for vloggers. Both have bad microphones build in and not way to connect an external microphone. But overal if you are planning on wanting to have a camera to film, going to the beach of in the rain , this is  a great camera that can withstand those condition and a great camera just to film your daily happenings during a vacation, without having to bring a big camera.


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