Best Vlog setup 2016

So I recently started vlogging more and starting to get all my gear together to have the best setup possible, so its much easier to do and also make the setup as minimal as possible and light as possible, so it easy to travel with. The entire setup fits into a simple backpack and give me enough optiond to no miss a thing.
Sequence 01.00_00_05_09.Still001My main camera is the Panasonic G7 and its really good for vlogging as it got flip out screen to make it easier to film and frame yourself in the shot better. It got a microphone port to use an Rode Videomicro to improve the audio over using the internal microphones. The G7 also is very light and the lenses that it uses are fairly small. Added bonus of this camera also is that it films in 4k to enable cropping the shot in the edit, however if you don’t need 4k you can also opt for the Panasonic G6which are quite affordable 2nd hand.

Sequence 01.00_04_59_06.Still003The lens that I am using is the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 with the Panasonic DMW-GFC1 fisheye converter, it changes the 14mm into a 10.5mm, giving it a much wider field of view, while filming yourself. However there are wider lenses like the 7.5mm f3.5 Samyang Fisheye lens, however its a manual lens and I have tried filming myself with manual lenses before, but its always hard to get yourself perfect in focus. But with the combination of Panasonic 14mm f2.5 with the Panasonic DMW-GFC1 the camera still can auto focus perfect, so you don’t have to worry about getting yourself in focus while you are filming, yet also give you a slight blurred background with this lens as other wide fisheye would have everything in focus.
Sequence 01.00_02_55_12.Still002And a very versatile Joby Gorillapod Action tripod finishes the main setup as it can be used as a grip or selfie stick to extend the camera further away from you so, your face it not filling up the entire screen. But also it can be used as a tripod and be mounted onto anything to act as a tripod to get a static stable shot. All these together make a very small setup I can leave as a whole in my backpack and easily take out and start filming in matter of seconds without needing to setup anything.
Sequence 01.00_06_20_19.Still004For B Roll I would use my SJCAM SJ4000 as its easier to film some extra shots to use between the talking head shots and its small and can be mounted everywhere to get the shot I want, from a POV to just a static shot for timelapse. Most important is the right accessory for the action cam as the clamp make it easy to mount it to my backpack or collar and even just use it as a grip. And you can film in the rain and also do more crazy things with it as its an action cam that can easily handle being dropped on the ground then a more expensive mirrorless camera.

For the rest, the Manfrotto Compact Action is extra but not totally needed, but sometime you just want to have a timelapse on from a certain angle which the Joby cannot provide. And the affordable Fujian lenses, are useful if you ever get to an venue and just need more tele shots as these three lenses are very affordable, small and light to carry around.

Gear list:
$40 – Joby Gorillapod Action tripod
$6 – Action Cam 360 clamp
2nd hand Panasonic G6
$60 – 2nd Manfrotto Compact Action
$64 – SJCAM SJ4000
$150 – Panasonic 14mm f2.5
$20 – Fujian 50mm f1.4 C-mount lens
$20 – Fujian 35mm f1.7 C-mount lens
$20 – Fujian 25mm f1.4 C-mount lens

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