Vlog #12 IBC Amsterdam

Been to IBC Amsterdam to check out any of the new gear and equipment that is shown. This year there is allot of 360 VR being shown, but it’s very gimmicky and currently the quality is not there yet and need to be 8k to be really sharp. For the rest allot of companies are now adding Cinema line lenses for Sony E-mount and M4/3 mount and the newest to the party is Sigma who in on go came out wil entire line of 8 lenses.

For the rest there were very few new things, what was noticable there were less companies and also less drone companies. allot of the medium companies also gotten much smaller booths than last time. Canon had nothing interesting to show, find it funny they say their DSLR line is not made for video works but they still displayed the new 5D mark4. Panasonic didn’t display any of their GH line as they told its not in their Pro video devision but their consumer devision. Sony just displayed A7s and A6300 and know they are good for videos.

For the rest was just mainly hanging out with other filmmakers and meeting people who I only have talked online before. And it seems most of the companies are going to reveal their products more at Photokina in Germany

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