New Rode VideoMicro

Last week at IBC this tiny new mic was introduced and its comes directly with a nice Lyre mount and a deadcat. This small micro microphone actually produces very good sound and like the Rode Videomic Go this does not need a battery and the improved smaller design makes it even more compact. And to help out in windy conditions the set comes with a deadcat to get rid of wind noise and also make it a more professional microphone.


But the price for this mic is quite frugal as its only cost 59usd and quite a nice affordable mic to get and not having to search for anything else. Currently there is only a comparison video from Rode which you van hear the difference between using and not using this mic, but still need to see some more real world test and comparison but I do think it should be a great mic to use if you cam does have plug in power to power the mic.

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